Objectives of DES Manipur

The Directorate of Economics & Statistics (DES) is responsible for providing the necessary data-base for planning in the State. Statistical data on diverse socio-economic activities of the state are being collected, processed and published from time to time. While the DES is responsible for collecting directly some amount of information through its own functionaries, a major part  of  the statistical  information  is  being  mobilized with the help

of other Departments.

The main functions of the DES can broadly be classified as follows:-

(i) Collection, Compilation, Processing, Analysis and presentation of data on various socio-economic aspects of the State in a systematic manner and dissemination of the same through periodic publications,

(ii)Conducting sample surveys and other ad-hoc field enquiries etc., on various aspects and problems of socio-economic development,

(iii) Coordinating the Statistical activities of various departments of the State Government  and rendering them technical advisory services,

(iv) Organization of post-recruitment training to Statistical personnel,

(v) Liaison with the Statistical organizations of the Government of  India and of other State Governments,

(vi)Assisting in the evolution of a sound Statistical system,

(vii)Standardization of  all questionnaires/schedules/formats etc. meant for data collection,

(viii)Ensuring elimination or otherwise minimization of duplications of statistical work among the departments and

(ix)Ensuring adoption of uniform concepts, definitions and procedures by providing consultancy and advisory support to other agencies/ departments.