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                Social and Economic Development to provide decent living to all the citizens is one of the objectives of every Government.  For speedy realization of such objectives, planning is considered to be an appropriate tool. The foundation of successful planning is assured availability of reliable and adequate data for all the sectors of the economy.

            Public administration involves various activities for implementing public policies. It comprises a number of stages. Administrative process involves decision-making at different stages where decisions are based on the factual information of the work environment. Thus, host of statistics/data are needed in all the fields/subjects.

            The authority and responsibility for collection of statistics is laid down in the 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution under Article 246. It is placed in serial number 94 of Union list and No. 45 of the concurrent list. However, appropriate to the federal set up of the country, Central Government acts by understanding as a coordinating agency for presentation of statistics in all-India basis where State Governments are responsible for presentation of statistics at the state and other lower levels.

            The Central Statistics Office (CSO), Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation (MoSPI) acts as the apex body/nodal agency for all statistical matters in the country. At the state level, the Directorate of Economics & Statistics has been acting as Nodal Agency for all Statistical activities. The system is followed in Manipur also.

 The Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Government of Manipur, is responsible for coordinating the statistical activities and for laying down as well as for maintaining statistical standard, providing consultancy and advisory supports to other statistical agencies and maintaining liaison with various Departments/Organizations of the state and also with CSO/other Statistical Organizations at the centre/other states and Union Territories. However, the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Manipur has no control over
other Government, Semi-government, and private organizations/departments/institutions. At present, Manipur Economic/Statistical Services are not yet formed and encadrement of statistical posts/services is not yet introduced. All the statistical cells/units are independently working under the control of respective departments/institutions/ organizations.